Where babies and barnyard pals go to play! Paper Cow is a baby line consisting of bodysuits and tees with hand sketched animal characters and a touch of watercolor.  Launched in July 2016, Paper Cow is now available to buy on Etsy, at small boutiques (check our store page!), and at LA farmer's markets!

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Our Story

My name is Cassie Stine and I live in Santa Monica, California with my amazing husband. I am a freelance apparel designer who decided to start my own line and so far it’s been quite the journey. We are in boutiques across the country and also work at our local farmer’s markets selling direct to our customers.

I came up with the name Paper Cow for two reasons: To let our audience know that our graphics are hand-sketched on paper before printing on the garments, making it a true handmade product. And because the cow quickly became the stand-out character as I was sketching the animals. (And is still our biggest success in the tees and onesies.) I’ve been in fashion for over seven years working full time and have always dreamed about being my own boss and creating exactly what I believe in.

I started sketching Paper Cow in my spare time and it developed into a story from there. After I had drawn up four animals, I started to print them on tees and onesies and it became a farm-themed graphic line. This also goes back to my roots. I grew up in Wisconsin so I wanted it to have a country feel. After these items started flying off the shelf, I quickly added in our new zoo animal collection...and who knows what'll be next!  

I hope you love my shop! :)

How I draw the animals!!  It goes fast!

How we print-this is truly handmade!